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Make love, not victims ! Faites l'amour, pas de victimes !

Why this website ? The figures speak for themselves!

Maximum estimate of the global population instant :

Other sources : U.S. Census Bureau   Population Institute   Church of euthanasia   Démographie responsable
Minimum estimate for the optimism :
The most official:

For a symbolic

To offer an anniversary for a un non-event without being a huge structure could seem strange or presumptuous, but that's the only way to conceive together a fondamental problem wich has to be think over, as we are segregated by thousend of langages and opposite cultures.

          NON-PROCREATION DAY !          


                      pourquoi pas ?

Demography is an elusive area between individual instincts and social reality. The vast majority do not think human relying on higher powers, such as God or Money but submits to be infinite growth, convinced that Providence or Science will always meet their needs.
Because of this, some people are wondering about a population explosion. They have two trends :
The "de-natalist" would keep the population by limiting the mothers with two children ("Stop at two!")
If more and more mothers have only two children, that does not mean an ideological choice, but it reveals an ideology and practice are not incompatible.
The "anti-birth" consider that, for a better world, only a voluntary reduction of the population will reverse the process of infinite growth. It means not to have children systematically for several generations before the demographic curve is significantly lower and the political structures are adapting.
The term "anti-birth" is generally used for these two trends, both of which contrast sharply with the growth.
Along with ideology, groups are formed without children, without further activism that the formation of a community lifestyle without children


Population Connection publications and videos

The pure "Childless by choice" are integrated into the generic term "Child-free" (shortened to CF).
There are anti-birth, but also young couples hesitating or unable to have children, seeking solace or answers from those who do not want resolutely. Ideology is brewed there as a hobby, instead of religious dogma, so that big movement wich should balance humanity without structure is invisible!

Would have the idea of a symbolic day of love without reproduction comes from a large international organization., but no precise community promote it.

We are however very many people to consider that procreation is not only an intimate problem but concerns the entire planet. The need to make it a topic of discussion suggesting an annual day where the question arises.

This day will happen if you submit it yourself.

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